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Raising capital in 2021 to build on the new momentum


In 2020, we saw increased interest in three target markets where we already have traction: 

  1. Preppers

  2. Military

  3. First responders

We're raising $1M so that we can have the staff and marketing resources needed in order to capitalize on, and augment, these upticks in momentum and become the leading presence in those three markets.

We were recently one of the 17 brands who were invited to present at the Nutrition Capital Network Investor event (from the 75 that applied).  Here's our 5-minute presentation...


Our investor deck

Click on the file below to view and download the pdf of the Investor deck


Appearances in the media

Mark Greaney is a #1 NY Times bestselling author.  The hero of his thrillers eats Soldier Fuel.

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