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While making a military documentary, we were surprised to discover that Soldiers were being fed unhealthy energy bars by DoD bureaucrats, who were pumping literally tons of trans fat into soldiers.  Trans fat causes coronary heart disease. 

It was unacceptable.  


So we became the Army's R&D partner in performance nutrition with a mission to fix things, and we created a healthier, better-tasting, and higher-performing energy bar — Soldier Fuel.  Why'd we fight to make a better bar?  Because we love and respect the men and women who wear the uniform, and we think they deserve the best.  (Also, we're athletes ourselves and we like to have an unlimited supply of bad-ass energy bars.) 


                                               - the D'Andrea Brothers

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Carbs are the secret to human performance.  Period.  Even the brain needs a dosage of glucose every day for optimum function.  Soldier Fuel® provides a burst of fruit-based simple carbs to give an initial energy boost, and then supplies a protein-modulated stream of longer-burning complex carbs for Steady Energy®.  Throw in 17 vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, and the optimal 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio for performance, and you've got everything you need to soldier on.

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