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About the D'Andrea Brothers

While making a documentary on a military installation, we were surprised to discover that Soldiers were being fed unhealthy energy bars by the civilian feeding bureaucrats in the DoD, who were claiming you needed dangerous trans fat to make bars last.  As a result, they were pumping literally tons of trans fat into Soldiers.  And trans fat causes coronary heart disease.  So we started a business, became the Army's R&D partner in performance nutrition, and created a healthier and better energy bar -- Soldier Fuel™.  It's all-natural, with no trans fat, no HFCS, no gluten, and with the shelf-life and performance that warrior-athletes need.  And then we went further.  In the kitchens and labs of our California commercial bakery, we cooked up what we humbly consider to be the Holy Grail of performance nutrition -- our SteadyEnergy™ blend.  Our 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio is a big part of the bar's "no spike, no crash" performance profile.  But it takes more than that to win the Army's energy bar field tests over and over (which we've done).  It takes great taste.  And we deliver great taste thanks to real peanuts and real chocolate.  Why'd we fight to make a better bar?  Because we love and respect the men and women who wear the uniform and do the hard work of defending us.  And we think they deserve the best.  Also, we're athletes ourselves and we like to have an unlimited supply of awesome energy bars.  ;-)

Supporting the Troops    We give a portion of the proceeds from every bar to pro-Soldier causes.  We support and sponsor ventures such as The SEAL Legacy Foundation, Ride 2 Recovery, the Army Ten-Miler, the Marine Corps marathon, Army World Class Athletes Program, Warriors on the Water, Army MWR, and the West Point Triathlon.

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