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Issues with the recent Claremont Foods production run of our bars

A key source of problems is the Claremont packing.

  • The bars are jumbled, squished, and mis-shapen inside many of the boxes. 

  • The heat seal seems weak.

  • The shape of the bars is often distorted.

We're getting complaints, from important investors, retail chain buyers, law enforcement department heads, and other customers.

At first, I hoped it might just be a few bad cases.  But it's happening a fair amount (even with the boxes I open myself).  It's hurting us.  That's why we're mentioning it.  We cannot compromise our standards.

From a potential investor whose group was concerned that the bars might have problems because they were mis-formed.  This diminished his interest.

cesari 2.PNG

This bar wrapper was open/unsealed when I took it out of the box.  Seems the end of the chocolate bar was in the wrong position and had gotten squished when the wrapper end was pressed... the end of the bar itself was in compressed ridges, like it had been crimped and caught in the attempted seal.   And the wrapper never sealed.


It's not unusual for the bars to look badly shaped.

About 40% of the bars I open are squished or short.  About 25% are mis-shapen like this (this one is extremely mis-shapen)


At the national Sheriff's conference in February... where we had a booth,

I opened 4 cases, and about HALF THE BOXES had bars that looked bad inside (jumbled, badly squished, etc).  Here are the images.  It hurt us with some Sheriff department buyers who asked "Is there a problem with the bars?" based on how they looked, jumbled, squished, upside down, etc.  They are also pressed hard against the wrappers often, so that the wrapper was not smooth.

Is Claremont sealing the bars properly?

This contract manufacturing does not meet our high standards. 

Bars are often too short... we get complaints about these on Amazon.  I've encountered many overly short bars myself.  I know this has been talked about, but some are still quite short.  These are from Feb 2020.

Box glue.  These bars were sent to nurses on the front lines in COVID.  It was noticed that the glue on the boxes wasn't holding (look at the sides of the boxes... they sent this picture)

sides of boxes.png
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